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Awards & Accolades



Les Misérables 

  • Best Actor in a Leading Dramatic Role: Thatcher Horrocks

  • Best Student Orchestra

  • Special Achievement Award: Projection Art Design, Alice Swindell

  • Broadway Artist Alliance Scholarship Winner: Thatcher Horrocks

  • Scholarship Winner: Eva Lopez Quintana


CETA (California Educational Theatre Association)

She Kills Monsters

  • Adjudicator Award: Maya Patel

  • Director Award: Aurora Dietz & Clio Philp

  • 2nd Stage Scene Competition, Best Supporting Actor = Kate Turner

  • Certificates of Achievement

From the cast….

  • Aurora Dietz

  • Ty Eberhardt

  • Kate Turner

  • Daniela Talleda

  • Gigi Marmet

  • Bowen Little

  • Bella Sardana

  • Tiffany Meyer

  • Ben King

  • Lilianna Kruk


From the crew….

  • Sound Crew

  • Stage/Build Crew

  • Scenic Art Crew

  • Lighting and Projections Crew

  • Rio Colino

  • Maya Patel

  • Case Fulton

  • May Le

  • Eleanor Harmon

  • Jessica Bell

  • Emily Devine

  • Danika Harper

  • Sofia Magdaleno

  • Diego DiPasquo



DTASC (Drama Teacher's Association of Southern California)

- Honorable Mention: Large Open Drama & Large Open Comedy Category



Mamma Mia

  • Best Actress in a Leading Comedic Role: Jasmina Guerra

  • Best Supporting Actress: Katy Cloutier

  • Broadway Artist Alliance Scholarship Winner: Katy Cloutier

  • Scholarship Winners: Ava Berry, Jasmina Guerra


CETA (California Educational Theatre Association)

Anatomy of Gray

  • Adjudicator Award: Lilianna Kruk & Julia Silkes

  • Director Award: Bodie Beaumont-Gould, Kayla Garcia

  • Technical Theater Scholarship Recipient: Ava Berry

  • Certificates of Achievement

From the cast….

Lilianna Kruk

Jordan Benitez

Ben King 

Katy Cloutier 

Bodie Beaumont-Gould

Eliza Peterson

Kyla Simon

Finn McGonigle

Kamalieoke'ehukai Jellings


From the crew….

Jack Bergman

Amelia Paulson

Julia Silkes

Kayla Garcia 

Ava Berry

Ruari Root 

Hannah Kobayashi

Zoey Cervantes 

Kiera Little

Danielle Bellamy

Sam Krug

Front of House/Apprentice Crew 

Maya Patel

Sydney French

Sound Crew 

Stage/Build Crew

Scenic Art Crew 

Lighting Crew 

Properties Crew 

Costume Crew 

Hair & Makeup Crew 

Taylor Holmes 



DTASC (Drama Teacher's Association of Southern California)

- 2nd Place Overall Sweepstakes

- 2nd Place Large Open Comedy "How to Survive High School Without Really Trying"

- 4th Place Large Open Drama "Women of Lockerbie"

- 5th Place Playwrights of Color "Anonymous"

- Honorable Mention: Same Script Category



2nd Place: Small Group Comedy "Five Women Wearing the Same Dress"



  • 2nd Place: Student Original Category "AP Couple's Therapy"

  • Certificates of Achievement: Ashley Lopresto, Ava Berry, Avery Smigel, Brent Jasso, Dylan Dean, Eliza Peterson, Evelyn Shepphird, Hadley Short, Hannah Kobayashi, Jack Bergman, Jessica Spotts, Kai Jellings, Katy Cloutier, McKenna McEveety, Ryan Mayfield, Sam Krug, Serena Boensch



The Drowsy Chaperone:

  • Lead Performance in a Musical: Brianna Baker as Janet

  • Lead Performance in a Musical: Victoria Bruckner as Woman in Chair

  • Supporting Performance in a Musical: Julia Thau as Chaperone

  • Featured Performance in a Musical: Ava Encinas as Mrs. Tottendale

  • Ensemble: The Drowsy Chaperone

The Crucible:

  • Lead Performance in a Play: Ashley Lopresto as Abigail Williams 

  • Lead Performance in a Play: Jason Young as John Proctor

  • Direction: Melissa Staab



  • 1st Place "Large Open Comedy" Category

  • Mario Lomeli Scholarship: Brianna Baker


The Crucible

  • Adjudicator Award: Kayla Louie, Skyler Gabriel, Cindy Meyer, Blake Van den Eikhof

  • Certificates of Achievement: 

Jason Young

Ashley Lopresto

Cindy Meyer

Victoria Bruckner

Ashley Harris

Ace Pascual

Jordan Benitez

Daniela Talleda

Hunter Wedaa

Joel Pierce

Stetson Torok

Emma Hunt 

Blake Van den Eikhof

Kayla Louie

Julia Thau

Zoe Doll

Nina Forshey

Skyler Gabriel

Kristiana Oduwole

Caroline Alley

Foster Townsend

Sophia Turcot

Brianna Baker


  • 1st Place Technical Theatre Scholarship: Blake Van den Eikhof



  • 1st Place "Student Original" Category



In Any Language  

  • Adjudicator Award: Tina Zarro – Costumes

  • Certificates of Achievement = Costume Crew, Properties Crew, Makeup Crew, Ashley Lopresto, Beck Hokanson, Blake Van den Eikhof, Brianna Baker, Conner Foley, Jason Young, Jeannie Lambert, Kayla Louie, Liana Moore, Liza Holmes, Madison Reno, Madisyn Young, Max Gorman, Nina Forshey, Owen Haddad, Sophia Turcot, Stetson Torok, Sue-Anne Silkes, Tina Zarro, Victoria Bruckner, Zoe Doll



In Any Language

  • Best Actor in a Leading Role: Max Gorman for Aldo Carmenelli

Into the Woods

  • Best Ensemble

  • Best Supporting Actress: Cindy Meyer for the Witch

  • Best Actor in a Leading Role: Beck Hokanson for the Baker



  • Winner for Best Crew & Technical Execution “Crazy for You”



Crazy for You

  • Best Production

  • Best Choreography

  • Best Youth Orchestra

  • Lead Actress: Maegan Hood as Polly Baker


Letters to Sala

  • Certificates of Achievement = Brianna Baker, Sterling Goddard, Liana Moore, Max Gorman, August Hatherley, Jen Craddock, Beck Hokanson, Lizzie Fauver, Lisa Diethelm, Danielle Silkes


  • Honorary Mention for Drama Category

  • Honorary Mention for Monologue Category - Brianna Baker

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