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Ticket Info:

  • Tickets are through Broadway on Demand.

  • Guests will purchase the show for $12.00 (follow link by clicking on the selected date above).

  • From there, log in to Broadway on Demand (once again clicking on the link for the selected date above) by 7:00 pm on the night you selected, or 2:00 for the matinee and the show will be waiting for you.

  • The show will be live, so similar to a real show, if you log in or start late, you will miss part of the performance.

  • Apple TV or Roku users may find the Broadway on Demand app for streaming.



Celebrate a member of the Cast & Crew with a custom Clue themed ACT-O-Gram or Concessions package! 

Additional Instructions:

  • Items are sold individually and can be packaged together in a themed gift bag.

  • All proceeds directly support the Theatre Arts Department.

  • Form will close at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday 12/2.

  • Please fill out a separate form for each type of delivery/pick-up method.

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