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Redondo Union High School Theatre Arts presents

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December 6-9, 2018

In Any Language follows a fading movie star, Hannah King, who goes to Rome to seek a new career along with her trusty secretary and best friend, Valerie. She is making some progress with the current directorial genius Carmenelli, when her estranged husband arrives and falls in love with his wife again. He believes they are divorced, but in truth the final decree never went through. Through all this runs an amusing satire on Italian movie making, and a particularly funny rehearsal scene in which the Italian actors are coached by their volatile director in a vain effort to get a good performance out of the Hollywood star. Set in Rome, in the early 1950’s, though the tone of the play is delightfully satirical and the action brisk, there is a genuine understanding of the deeper implications underlying the amusing comedy situations.

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